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Innovation is ingrained in MACH's DNA. From consumer electronics to high-end professional products, the MACH team's experience and passion towards innovation over the past decade is unparalleled. We leverage expertise and experience across multiple disciplines to eliminate product preconceptions and present new values.

Technology That
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Self-cleaning brushes allow continuous mopping with fresh water that eliminates contamination and keeps your floors spotless.


A continuous stream of 230°F (110°C) steam, heated at 96% thermal efficiency, dissolves built-up grime for effortless cleaning.

Ozone™ Technology

Safe for pets and children, Eco-Clean Ozone™ produces aqueous ozone via a catalytic reaction with water to remove 99.99%* of bacteria and odors.

*Certified by TÜV Rheinland

Tesla Valve

Patented technology automatically blends water and cleaning solution precisely, and releases it just when it's needed for up to 30 days* without needing to refill.

*According to data from MACH laboratories.


Automatically self-cleans when returned to its charging base. Rolling brushes are thoroughly washed with cleaning fluid and aqueous ozone removes odors. Hot air is then circulated to ensure the rolling brush is dry and ready for the next cleaning.

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